Daisy Hospital is charging very high rates, 1 month medicine for myself Rs.4,500 [ diabetes, hypothyroidism, drops for stress ]. From 19.5.2016. till now.

For my husband Rs. 6,000 per month (from may to October) Blood Pressure, diabetes, Cholesterol. 19.5.2016 on wards.

I come to know this hospital through Sathiyam television as a live programme every Thursday at 4 pm. They say that their medicine cures diabetes, hypothyroidism, and almost all the diseases, particularly they say "no side effects for internal organs". So anyone watch the program would have the curiosity to go to the hospital. And the speech in live telecast is so impressed by the viewers.
when you go there after the consultation doctor calculate and fix the amount for medicines, then we have to pay "only cash" if you don't have cash, ( we had only cards in hand ) you can pay by cards but for the debit or credit cards they are including service charge Rs.100 each time.

And they are taking photo of patient's, creating a file, the surprising part is a bond paper ( we don't know what are the content of the bond) we have to put our signature on revenue stamp. And they are fixing the target i.e. one year or one and half year to complete the treatment. For the first 3 months we have to take the allopathic medicine with their medicine as already whatever we are taking, after 3 months we are completely dependent on the daisy hospital medicine and diet chart.
For myself target was fixed by them one year from the starting date, for my husband one and half years in bracket very tricky words approximately. Now am completing 10th month, I took master health checkup to know the health at present, shockingly hypothyroidism, diabetes, and the other issues are doubled, but if we ask about this, cleverly they are blaming us, i.e. that we did not followed as per their instructions. They don't want to take any responsibilities, and they might want us to extend the medicine ( I don't know how far ).
Every month insist us to take random blood checkup at their hospital lab, ( they themselves keeping the report, never give copy for our records ). most of the time it shows normal (they say so), if its little high they don't tell us, but if it is normal they decrease dosages, after two three days if you check the blood sugar level you will be shocked again it will go (high) to 250, if we make a call and ask the doctor about this, they very calmly answer us "not to worry" next month they increase the dosage or add some drops.
And compelling us to take various blood tests in their lab ( already we taken the same tests for our ref. in other lab) they don't want to see the tests we have taken from outside.

We are going through very hard time now mentally and physically. This is to inform whoever read my article please aware of the advertisements on television channels, they put caution before all advertisements if you claim the channel they also very easily escape from the issues, finally we are the losers. BE AWARE OF SCAMS.